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Name a new species of Syzygium (Myrtaceae)

Dr James Byng has been working on the genus Syzygium, in the myrtle and eucalypt family, for several years now and is leading a project to document and describe the whole genus. Syzygium is the largest tree genus in the world with over 1200 species distributed in tropical and subtropical Africa, Asia and Australasia. The genus is known to include the species of commercial cloves (Syzygium aromaticum) , and many species of Syzygium are known for their aromatic smelling leaves, fragrant flowers and fleshy fruits which are eaten by birds and monkeys.  Taxonomically the genus is morphologically very difficult due to seemingly few constant diagnostic characters between species.

The centre of species diversity is in Malesia, a region of South East Asia stretching from Peninsular Malaysia and Sumatra to the Philippines and New Guinea, where over 700 species are currently recorded. During recent work in Leiden (the Netherlands) looking and sorting through ca. 20, 000 dried plant specimens from the Malesian region, James has delimited around 80-100 new species to science. Plant Gateway is aiming to sell about 10% of the new species names to raise funds to speed up the process of describing and revising species in the whole region.

Name one new species of Syzygium: £1000 (US$1500)

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