Plant Gateway this summer

The second summer for Plant Gateway is a busy one and here is a summary of some of our activities.

Hertfordshire Digital Awards

We were recently announced as a finalist in the Hertfordshire Digital Awards for our work in the field of education. With further novel educational ideas for the future being developed now we hope to build on our recent recognition in future years.

New publication

We have recently published the second title in our series of practical identification handbooks – The Gymnosperms Handbook. The eBook version is available now from Amazon, Google Play and our own website. The paper version will be available for distribution in early September. The book is perfect for teaching in courses!


Our three researchers are spread across the world documenting and unraveling botanical problems. James is in Leiden (Netherlands) where he is sorting, classifying and describing Syzygium from across the species rich Malesian region – many many new species are being discovered. Maarten is undertaking fieldwork in Western Australia collecting and studying various plant groups. Finally, Benedetta is in the UK working on the Myrtaceae family and the often forgottenĀ  parasitic plant groups and their evolution. Numerous peer-reviewed papers have been published with many more being submitted and in preparation.


Our small teaching herbarium has now been listed in Index Herbariorum and given the abbreviation PG under the curatorship of Dr Maarten Christenhusz. Our collections include type specimens and a broad range of taxonomic and horticulturally interesting specimens.


We ran several plant identification courses in May and these were well received and enjoyable to run. It is always pleasantly surprising when you visit a small botanic gardens and see a range of evolutionary diverse groups always present. The weather generally was good except in Glasgow where everybody hid in the glasshouses! More courses are planned soon…

Enjoy the rest of the summer!