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Honour someone special: name a new tree species

Several groups of trees we are studying have unearthed many new species.

Choosing the scientific name of a new species for somebody special is a unique opportunity, the scientific name chosen will be linked to the person and last forever. At the same time it will be helping to support biodiversity research.

Around one fifth of all known plant species are threatened with extinction. Yet, hundreds of new species are still being described each year, mainly in the tropics, and some are likely to become extinct before they are even described.

Researchers at Plant Gateway are studying several groups of plants from around the world and uncovered many new species and even genera in the process. To enable us to describe and publish the new organisms in a speedy and high-quality manner we have started a Name a Species Programme.

Any name can be chosen but it should be appropriate and follow certain rules and our taxonomists will advise on this. We do not sell all the names of species we discover but only a few to financially enable us to document and describe plant groups better in a region, to ensure their conservation statuses are known and management plans can be put in place. So dedicating a name to somebody special will not only result in the scientific name chosen lasting in perpetuity but also contribute more widely to scientific research.

For further information on our Name a Species Programme contact:

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Do not miss out on this unique opportunity!

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