Current Positions

  • Senior Researcher and PG Herbarium Curator, Plant Gateway Ltd., Bradford and Kingston (UK) and The Hague (the Netherlands), since 2016
  • Independent consultant, researcher and editor since February 2014
  • Deputy Chief-editor, Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, since 2014
  • Adjunct Lecturer, Curtin University, Western Australia, since 2016
  • Honorary Research Associate, Conservation Department, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
  • President of the International Pteridological Society, since 2009 



  • Member of the Society of Authors, since 2013
  • Fellow of the Linnean Society of London, since 2008


Foreign languages

Dutch (mother tongue), English (fluent), Finnish (basic), French, German, Spanish, Swedish (basic)



  • Project officer, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (UK), March 2013–February 2014
  • Scientific curator, The Finnish Museum of Natural History, and Botanical Garden, Helsinki (Finland). May 2010–February 2013
  • Founding editor of Phytotaxa. In 2009, I launched the scientific journal Phytotaxa, which now publishes a quarter of all new scientific plant names.
  • Assistant Researcher, Flora Mesoamericana Project, Natural History Museum, London (UK). September 2008–April 2010.
  • PhD, Biodiversity, Amazon Research Team, University of Turku (Finland). March 2002–November 2007. Specialisation: Evolution of the fern family Marattiaceae.
  • MSc, Biology, Utrecht University (Netherlands). September 1995–October 2001. Specialisation: Taxonomy and Botanical history.


Research interests

Natural history has always grabbed my attention from when I was a little boy. I love growing plants, looking at animal-plant relationships and how people perceive nature and the plants around them, why certain plants are used and others less so. I am a trained plant taxonomist with expertise in classification, taxonomy, nomenclature and plant recognition. I am involved in several projects concerning vascular plant classifications, new species descriptions, genome size and evolution of genomes and habitat preference. I have a strong interest in horticulture and photography, writing books about botany that are of interest to a wide audience.



I have taught numerous courses and field courses in plant taxonomy and biodiversity, at Utrecht University, the University of Turku, The Plant School in London, at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, for the NERC London Doctoral Training Program and for Plant Gateway. I have been involved with the Institute for Nature Education in the Netherlands and I have mentored three MSc students in Turku University. Also, I taught and assisted several courses during my MSc and PhD studies.



I am a keen photographer of landscapes, architecture, natural history and plants in particular. I have a large collection of plant photographs from all over the world, all with exact identifications and locality information. I strongly believe in the art of nature photography and aim to combine good botanical imagery with artistic composition. Over 3000 of these were used in my recent encyclopedia Plants of the World, which photographically illustrates all 451 vascular plant families. Photographs are available for use for a small fee and proper acknowledgment. Just ask if there is any particular taxon you are looking for.

Field work

I have carried out field work in all six vegetated continents and on many oceanic islands in between. Extensive collections were made in Guatemala, the Lesser Antilles, French Guiana, Colombia, Peru, Kenya, Turkey, Australia and Easter Island, but minor collections were made in many other countries for a variety of projects. I have collected about 7000 herbarium specimens which are well distributed across all major herbaria, the main sets being deposited in BM, H, K, L, PG and TUR.

Public outreach

My recently published book Plants of the World has received some attention in the media. I have provided several interviews for national and regional newspapers and radio and internet podcasts as part of my research. I have closely collaborated with the public engagement department at Kew, providing plant stories and interpreting science to the public. I produced a documentary on natural and cultural history of bananas: ‘Mondo Banana’, which was received very well by the public and the press. An article about Finnish sauna whisks, where different birch species were tested for their strength and scent made the front cover in Helsingin Sanomat, the Finnish national newspaper.


Selected major publications

  • Christenhusz, M. J. M., Fay, M. F. & Chase, M. W. 2017. Plants of the World – an illustrated encyclopaedia of vascular plant families. Kew Publishing, Richmond.
  • Chase, M. W., Christenhusz, M. J. M. & Mirenda, T. 2017. The Book of Orchids. Ivy Press, Brighton.
Journal articles
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